Wonderful Life
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(C) Joost Tel. Duur: 3:30 min..

You let me walk you home for a drink
I met you at that party I think
We walked the streets like lovers
As I followed on your lead
You said come on
And it had just begun

Baby, what a wonderful life
My time is blessed because you arrived
The fire in your eyes, it turns me on
As close to heaven as I've ever gone

The next bit happened like in a flash
He slowly whispered 'Give me your cash'
He made sure that we saw
the shiny metal in his hand
This wasn't planned
I stepped away and said

Brother, what a wonderful life
All that you achieve with that knife
The fire in your eyes, it turns me on
... and then I pulled my gun


You hid behind me, holding me tight
The robber threw his weapon aside
But then I felt a movement
and my gun was in your hand
Don't understand
The bang was thunderous

Then he said

Mister, what a beautiful life
The fun we had; you, me and my wife
The souvenirs you left are for our honeymoon
Too bad you had to leave us all that soon

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