I lied
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(C) Joost Tel. Ook bekend onder de naam "2015nov19". Duur: 4:05 min..

I often told you not to worry - it's okay
You're safe with us there's not a thing to be afraid of
But you saw it too, on the news tonight
All these people crying
My child
I lied

For all that matters now this world is not so nice
We're part of nature, where the weakest always dies first
For ages we tried not to be like that
But when I see you playing
My child
I lied

stil refrein

I hoped to teach you about wisdom, hope and love
But there's nothing wise about our hormones taking over
We're fighting for god, love or liberty
and tell ourselves it's worth it
My child
I lied

Although you're young, I see your bigotry and hate
When we're unsure or bored, we hang on to that sensation
to stick to our own, blame the other side,
and hold that grudge for decades
My child
I lied

But hey, did you know
I can learn a lot from you
Just minutes past this tragic news
You smiled and said come play with me

The children of the war
sure they cry, but never long
Look how they're playing hide and seek in
The ruins of their tragedy

Please take me with you every time you walk away
from fear and hardship to your peaceful lovely playground
Please teach me to not bear the weight of what's
out of our control
My child
That'd be nice

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