Dance for me
Om de kern te horen. Wil jij het graag gebruiken, mooi inzingen en/of arrangeren, mail dan!
(C) Joost Tel. Duur: 4:24 min..

You could ask me gently, you could ask me loud
You could even beg me on your knees while crying out
You could try to force me, in a TV-show
Just remember that the answer will be NO 'cause

Won't dance
Won't dance - not ever
No chance - not before I die, hm
Not an effort worth a try
There's no single doubt
But hear me out
You can dance for
Dance for me love

You could go to churches, sing a holy song
You could even write the Pope requests to pray along
You could take me places, any place at all
You could take me from the It to any ball but

Won't dance (...)

You could buy me jewelry, any precious stone
You could even buy me thing I don't already own
You could serve me vodka, you could give me weed
You could even, though I'd curse you, push me speed but

Won't dance (...)

You could bring me Cindy, ogling with her thighs
You could even make Naomi strip before my eyes
You could get Madonna singing just for me
You may even have I Wish played live by Stevie, but

Won't dance (...)
Won't dance (...)

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