I want you
Om de kern te horen. Wil jij het graag gebruiken, mooi inzingen en/of arrangeren, mail dan!
(C) Joost Tel / Chielie. Duur: 3:40 min..

I fly into a barren day
A lonesome bird of prey
And withershins I whisk away
The air I find to flay
And I behold the world at play
But find not where to stay

I want you
I want you now

I dive into the empty deep
A haunting shadow's sweep
A hunter will not live by sleep
Will only hunt to keep
At every ripple I will leap
To sow is yet to reap

Double Chorus

I thunder over shortstemmed sand
I pillage 'cross the land
I rape and kill at will, but bland
And sleek and sly I land
I am the death in every stand
Of baobabs, a lonely leather Lord untanned

Half Chorus

Rhytmic Bridge

Soloic Bridge

One and a half Chorus

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